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    Color Expression for row, but if i select the certain dimension

    beck bakytbek

      Hi Folks,


      i have a situation, i have a pivot table, that has 4 Dimension (for instanse Dim 1, Dim 2, Dim 3, Dim 4) and one Expression.

      i created such expression: if(Sum({<Dim = {'Dim2'}>} Sales) > 0.95, rgb(219,219,219)) and it does work, but if i change the order of dimension via drap and drop whitin my pivot,the color expression is still showing.


      My Issue, if i select only my Dim2 then the color expression for row should appear, but if i select another Dim, then my colorexpression should disappear.


      Does anybody have any idea?


      Thanks a lot for your help and feedback