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    June 2017 Upgrade

    Carlos Silva

      Hi community, I need some help:


      Next week, we will upgrade Qlik Sense from 3.1 SR1 to June 2017.


      To do this, we need to:


           - Upgrade first to 3.1 SR2 from Sync Persistence to Shared Persistence.

           - Make sure our apps and configuration are working

           - Upgrade from 3.1 SR2 to June 2017.


      On the other side, this Qlik Sense 3.1 SR1 is working with NPrinting 17.2.2, so we will upgrade to June 2017 too. In the release notes, says that we need to upgrade first to 17.3 and then to June 2017, so here is my question.


      Wich is the best way to do it?


      Option 1:

           - Upgrade QSense to 3.1 SR2, then upgrade NPrinting to 17.3.

           - Upgrade QSense to June 2017, then upgrade NPrinting to June 2017


      Option 2:

           - Upgrade QSense to 3.1 SR2, then upgrade to QSense June 2017

           - Upgrade NPrinting to 17.3, then upgrade to NPrinting June 2017



      I hope that you can understand this!


      Thanks in advance



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          Lech Miszkiewicz

          any way it should work.


          I am very concerned about all those upgrades and especialy certificates and NPrinting connections. I will have to go through the same steps soon so i am keen to hear how did you go with this task




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              Jason Klingler

              adding to what I wrote to Carlos, your NPrinting connections should be fine. I've upgraded to every version since 17.1 and I have never had an issue with lost or broken connections.



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                  Carlos Silva

                  This is what I was gonna ask, what is the impact with this upgrade? (re-do connections, filters, etc).


                  Next week we will do this so I'll keep you informed about the situation!

                  Thank you so much for your help!




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                      Stephen Jasionowski

                      There should not be any impact on your NPrinting environment when upgrading. That being said, please backup the repository database in the event that you need to roll back to the previous version for whatever reason.

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                          Carlos Silva

                          Hi Stephen,


                          Yesterday we've upgraded from 3.1 SR1 to 3.1 SR2, this is working good, all apps were migrated, etc.


                          But NPrinting (17.2.2) is working really weird with our reports with levels. They show me random orders and not properly setting the filter from the level.


                          I've tried to do another report with the same connection but still shows me random results


                          For example








                          Level1= a, b, c


                          So my report shows me this



                          Obj1 = a

                          Obj2 = b

                          Obj3 = a


                          (another page)


                          Obj1 = b

                          Obj2 = b

                          Obj3 = a





                          Every time with random results from the filter.


                          What can I do? Re-do connections? Filters?


                          I hope that you can help me, we need to fix this asap

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                    Jason Klingler

                    Hi Carlos,


                    I went with option 2 and had no issues. I now have Sense and NPrinting on June17 and everything is stable.


                    Reminder: When you upgrade NPrinting, backup the following directories, so you don't lose your certs:

                    \\server\c$\Program Files\NPrintingServer\proxy\newsstandproxy\src\qlik.com\newsstandproxy\conf

                    \\server\c$\Program Files\NPrintingServer\proxy\webconsoleproxy\src\qlik.com\webconsoleproxy\conf


                    Then when the install is complete, copy your backup .key, .pem and app.conf back to the appropriate directory.



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                        Carlos Silva

                        Hi guys,


                        Some news here.


                        We finally have Qlik Sense and NPrinting June 2017 working together.


                        This steps we did to upgrade:


                        1.- Upgrade QSense from 3.1 SR1 to 3.1 SR2 (Synchronized Persistence)


                        At this point, we check if NPrinting was working with this new version of Sense, but was working really weird, filters orders, object, etc.

                        So we tried to keep upgrading Qlik Sense:

                        2.- Upgrade QSense 3.1 SR2 to June 2017 (Synchronized to Shared Persistence).


                        Now our reports was generating fine, but some object don't show properly (KPI object shows me a number without format, or some text objects didn't appear on my report)


                        So we decide to upgrade NPrinting.


                        3.- Upgrade NPrinting from 17.2.2 to 17.3


                        Reports was generating in the same way of step 2 and was similar (same KPI without format and text objects dont show texts)


                        4.- Upgrade NPrinting from 17.3 to June 2017


                        Our reports was generating in the same way as above, but our Qlik Sense app was showing this KPI without format in the same way (I think is a problem of the object on the app and not from the generated report)


                        So now we have NPrinting and Qlik Sense working together on June 2017.



                        Thank you so much for your help, and I hope this can help someone in this same scenario too


                        PS: My english isn't good, but I hope that you can understand.


                        Thanks again!



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                            Lech Miszkiewicz

                            I am glad you made it through - makes me feel bit safer with my upcoming upgrades.

                            thanks for sharing and keep Qliking:)


                            Do not worry about English - it is much better than average!



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                              Javier Reina

                              Hi Carlos!


                              Thank you very much for explaining the steps you gave in order to upgrade from 3.1.1 to 2017 June.


                              I need to do the same (without NPrinting), and I am willing to follow the path you expose (I read in several places that it's the safest way).


                              The question I need to answer is the following.


                              How do I perform the first of the upgrades you mention? (1.- Upgrade QSense from 3.1 SR1 to 3.1 SR2 (Synchronized Persistence)). I ask this because I'm reading the Qlik site explanations and I see, according to the first table in this article (https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/3.2/Subsystems/Installation/Content/InstallationLicensing/Upgrading.htm) that I need to uninstall and reinstall in order to get the upgrade. Did you go this way or did you just download the 3.1.2 setup file and execute it?


                              (It's the first time I have to perform a QS installation, so I perhaps this question is rather basic)