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    Nprinting 16: Remove Blank Pages (Excel)

    Cassandra Baqir

      I am still stuck on this requirement and need some help...no luck so far.


      My NSQ creates an Excel doc with paging by REQUEST_REGION. Each tab contains 2 charts, an image and some random text.


      My requirement is to remove the tab if CH229 is empty.I've played with conditional formatting and variables but I cannot get it to work.


      I've been working on this for 2 weeks and cannot make it work.


      Here's an example of a tab that I want removed (Arizona) because CH229 is blank:

      8-2-2017 8-38-30 AM.jpg

      8-2-2017 8-36-55 AM.jpg


        • Re: Nprinting 16: Remove Blank Pages (Excel)
          Andrea Ghirardello

          Try with this:

          - create a straight table using the dimension you need and the measure that determines which charts become empty (in your case what is causing CH229 to be emty).

          - enable the "suppress zero values" for  that measur. THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT otherwise you won't see the straight in the list of available entities for page

          - add whatever you need in each sheet

          - click on preview.

          - you shouldn't see any sheet for values that has the chart empty (in the attached example Germany)




          see attached samples.

          In order to use them, please download and respect the folder structure:

          - "\NPrintingFiles" for the nsq project

          - "\Templates" for the template

          - "\QlikViewDocuments"  for the doc


          Hope this helps.




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