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    Qlik sense nprinting extension not working

    Abhay Sudhakaran

      Qlik sense June 2017 is supposed to support the on-demand report generation feature and there is a extension available online, that helps you do that.


      Extension download link:



      The server connection does not work. Not sure what I am missing out here. NOTE - I did mention the Qlik Sense server details in the nPrinting On-Demand Setting. Any help is appreciated


      Error Message:

      2017-08-02 15_57_52-AS - SRD 3.0 Dev - 1008. ADMIN_ NPrinting - PCS Revenue Report _ Sheets - Qlik S.png

        • Re: Qlik sense nprinting extension not working
          Lech Miszkiewicz



          Did you:

          • add Trusted Origin (your QlikSense server) in NPrinting Admin console?


          • on your screenshot you put "=" sign before server name - remove it!!


          btw - this is unsupported by Qlik solution and we have to trust that will be somehow working, but i would not use it in long-term production environment as it may stop working and you will be left emptyhanded!!!

          see this topic:

          Re: On Demand reporting for Qlik Sense







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