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    RangeSum across dimension

    Wayne Antinore

      Hi, I'm using the rangesum function to show a cumulative percentage across 4 values by date as shown below.  I use the following expression to do this:  Rangesum(above(Count([Order#])/ Aggr(Nodistinct count([Order#]),WeekStart),0,RowNo()))




      Now I'd like to flip the dimensions 'Week' and 'When Resulted' so I change the Aggr function to aggregate on 'When Resulted' like this: Rangesum(above(Count([Order#])/ Aggr(Nodistinct count([Order#]),[When Verified]),0,RowNo()))


      That results in a chart that looks like the following:


      I understand why it's doing what it's doing but what I really want is for it to show the values in the first chart so I can see all the 'Before 4' values together etc.  I'm looking to have 'Before 4' have values of 70.77%, 73.39%, 75.55% etc.  Not sure if this can even be done. 


      Thanks in advance for any help.