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    How to Split a row item in 2 parts?

    Neha Pathak

      Hi this is my code i want to split Vikram Nair'  in 2 parts so that when we expand it it shows further segregation as BT and  Europe(ENT + Comms(NON BT).







           if("SBU Head Name"='AM'  or "SBU Head Name"='KN' or "SBU Head Name"='SB'

           or "SBU Head Name"='MC or "SBU Head Name"='DT' or "SBU Head Name"='WC'

           or "SBU Head Name"='RA'  or "SBU Head Name"='CTL','Sbu',

           if("SBU Head Name"='VA' or "SBU Head Name"='VK','VBU',

           if("SBU Head Name"='-','Others',

          If("SBU Head Name"='VN', If((ApplyMap('map_btjuly',"Emp ID") )='C,R' ,'BT','Europe')))

          ))) as sbuhead,




      I want expansion of VN

      Can somebody help?