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    Cannot read property 'qItems' of undefined.

    Marco B

      I started to get this error since the June/2017 release. I have applied June release SR1, but it did not help. This error happens intermittently. On all the apps this is happening there is a pivot table on the app, not sure if is related. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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          Denis Pustovit

          Hi Marco,


          I’m getting the same error working with June/2017 in the following 2 cases:

          A) using  GeoAnalytics Animator

          B) using Range Slider extension

          I presume that some function(s) from .js or other files (belonging to these 2 Qlik Sense objects) do not cope with my behavior and throw this null pointer exception:

          A) Time between Steps is so short, that charts are hanging on calculating according to the previous value whereas the next value already has been selected

          B) Moving the slider to slowly the respective variables get different values one after another what is fatal for complicated calculation in different charts.

          The better way to find solution is to specify what exactly you’re doing.