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    Macros and Sheet scrolling



      Hi there,

      We recently purchased QlikView through a 3rd party supplier / partner of theirs. I have a call centre display screen showing various stats lifted out of our incident management system.

      I'm trying to get the active document to scroll through the sheets automatically, perhaps leaving the sheet in focus up for 5/10 minutes.


      Is this possible?


      Thanks for any suggestions...

        • Macros and Sheet scrolling
          Neil Miller

          I put together something that may work for you. Can you hide the sheets that aren't in focus?

          If so, then you should set the Show Conditional for each sheet up, so that only one sheet will be visible depending on the current time. I created a sample with three sheets that displays a different sheet every twenty seconds. There is one variable that keeps track of the current second and another that uses the current second to determine which sheet should be shown.

          Yours would use minutes instead of seconds and you may need some more complex math if your timespans don't match up easily.


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              Thank you very much - 20 second change is fine to be honest! :-)


              JUST what I needed! May have some more macro / variable auto-reload type stuff coming up soon!



              • Macros and Sheet scrolling

                Hi NMiller,

                very cool what you have done here and I would also love to use it. How did you do that exactly? I downloaded the file but could not figure out how you make the 2 variables continually update and run their expressions.

                I have been working with Qlikview for some 2+ years now but have yet to get into anything real flashy. We just upgraded our ERP environment to include to a SQL database so I am interested in my reports being real time.

                Looking forward to your response,


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                    Neil Miller

                    Sorry, I missed this post. One variable is given the value of the QlikView function Now(). This function returns the time down to the second (millisecond?) and continually updates itself. Try creating a Text Object and set the Text to:


                    You'll see that the value constantly updates itself. The constant updating is what allows this to work.

                    In order to hide and show sheets, we basically need a variable with three different states. One for each of the sheets (you can obviously expand or reduce this depending on how many sheets you need). In order to do this, we need to convert the time into three different spans. I chose twenty seconds and three sheets for this example, because it works out nicely.

                    If you have specific requirements for the time between sheets, it can get a little more complicated. You probably need to use integer division (div) if the number of pages multiplied by the time between changes doesn't equal out to an even value of time (3 pages X 20 seconds = 1 minute).