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    【Aggr】How to select items which have changed more than one time?

    Ivan Yang

      Dear Qlik Sense Experts

      I am new to Qlik Sense Desktop and I have a complicated front end question as below


      The raw data shows that how many times an order change

      • Each order has different items and each item may change several times, thus I use [Link-SO&Item] to mark it as an unique ID
      • [DateOf Chg] shows the date that [Link-SO&Item] changes. One unique ID only changes once per day. Take 429030364420 as an example, it changes 5 times at different dates




      My app is as below




      • X-axis is a drill down dimension.

      =aggr (Count([DateOf Chg]), [Link-SO&Item]) 

      => This is to count how many [DateOf Chg] of each [Link-SO&Item] has.


      • Y-axis shows you how many [Link-SO&Item] we have under the change times

              =>  Count(distinct [Link-SO&Item])

      • I add a critical filter in dimension that I only need [Link-SO&Item] that the [DateOf Chg] is more than '1' (I am not sure if my expression is correct). I have to click 'y' on it before I do anaylze to exlude '1'

             =Aggr(if(Count({<[Link-SO&Item]={'=Count([DateOf Chg])>1'}>}[DateOf Chg])>1,'y','n'), [Link-SO&Item])


      My Question is as below

      1.There should be ‘y’ and ‘n’ in the filter but only ‘y’ stands there, why?



      2. When I click the number on the chart (e.g. ‘2’), there should be a filter to show me I have selected ‘2’ so that I can easily change to other number I need in the 1st layout. But there isn’t any. How can I make it happen




      You can check the raw data and qvf file in the attachment for your reference

      Thank you for your advice in advance