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    NPrinting - creating reports with cycle fields

    Claus Klimmer

      Hi all,


      I would be thankful about some NPrinting Tips regarding Report creation with cycle fields.

      I read already the following Tutorials but they don't answer my questions respectively I hope that there is a solution or workaround for my task?


      QlikView NPrinting 16 Tutorials - Filters & Cycles

      Cycling Reports on Multiple Fields



      I have to create a report task with one report object for several area levels.

      I can filter the area levels in QlikView by two fields REGION and SUBREGION.


      When I use these two fields in NPrinting as cycle fields, NPrinting is creating a separated report file (e.g. a Excel attachment) for each REGION and each SUBREGION.



      My question is, is there a possibility to create a report with cycle fields where the output is one single file (Excel preferred) and the report object is printed there for each entity of the cycle fields, one after the other?


      Many thanks in advance and best regards,