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    Date Format not being recognized

    Basel Elias



      I have a connection to a direct view in the DB that pulls fields that is used in an application.

      One of the fields is a date field.


      The date field in published app shows up with the options of "Date.Calendar.Date, Date.Calendar.Month, Date.Calendar.Quarter, Week, Year, YearMonth and YearQuarter. This application is published and i cannot see the load data info, to see if they did anything additional.

      I made another application that utilizes the same connection/view, however the Date field is not recognized as date and i had to do the below to just get it to be a date, but still wont come up with the options as .Month, .Week, YearMonth etc. They do not come up as options when i try to add fields..

      Any recommendations on what i can do to get qlik to recognize the date field?



      DATE(FLOOR(timestamp#(CurrentStatusDate,'MM/DD/YYYY')),'M/DD/YYYY') AS NEWDATE,

          Month(CurrentStatusDate) as Month,

          Year(CurrentStatusDate) as Year,


          DATE(FLOOR(timestamp#(CurrentStatusPEDate,'YYYY-DD-MM')),'M/D/YYYY') AS NEWPEDATE,

          Month(CurrentStatusPEDate) as PEMonth,