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    Commentary on Nprnint?

    Ronald Wang


      Has anyone done any commentary for Nprint reporting?


      Basically, if the Nprint report scheduled to run and then distributed to users where user put in the commentary, I want to capture the commentary and insert back to the template and run another report (with updated data ) then send it again to the user. Any idea on how to do this? thanks


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          Avinash R

          As per I know NPrinting directly cannot embed dynamic data to the template . Try like this once the user entries the commentary run Qlikview to capture the latest data and then run NPrinting task this should give you the desired results

          Hope this helps you

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            Lech Miszkiewicz

            Data for NPrinting comes from QlikView. So in first place you have to think of the logic where commentries captured in distributed reports are somehow linked back to Qlik application and loaded to your data model. Maybe users should have a form/system where they could put commentries.


            Then I think the path is simple as you build 2 templates:

            1. report without commentries - to distribute it in first place
            2. report template with commentries - this captures still the same data but also includes some extra fields loaded to Qlik

            In order to load comentries and tie it back to facts in Qlik you would have to think of granularity of the data as well as of time factor.