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    NPrinting error when adding table

    Hemachandran Deyvasigamani

      HI Team,


              When I add the table in table menu i got the error below


      The error in the Details tab i got... i have attached below..

        • Re: NPrinting error when adding table
          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Hemachandra,


          Perhaps this applies? In the June 2017 version Release Notes under Known issues and limitations:


          Qlik Sense tables and charts with columns with duplicate IDs are not supported


          Jira issue ID: OP-3858


          Qlik NPrinting Designer does not support Qlik Sense tables and charts that contain two or more


          columns with the same ID (columns that refer to the same field). If you try to add a Qlik Sense table or


          chart with a duplicate column, the following error message appears:


          An item with the same key has already been added.


          You must remove the duplicate columns from the Qlik Sense tables and charts, and then reload the


          cache of the connection to the Qlik Sense app that contains the modified tables and charts.


          HTH - Daniel.