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    How to add Import App rights to a Qlik Sense user

    Alexandra Neciov


      I've been playing around with QlikSense security rules and such, following this examples, but couldn't find the way to add the right to import an App through QlikSense QMC to a user.

      To get a bigger picture of what I am trying to model, I would like to have per each stream I define, a stream administrator, who has the possibility to do multiple operations though QMC/HUB on the stream he administers, as

      - Import and duplicate Apps (couldn't find a solution)

      - Change Owners of existing apps (managed to do it)

      - Add users to stream (didn't try it yet)

      ..maybe more.


      Does anyone know if this is even possible, as I couldn't see any Import action when creating Security rules, even when selecting all resource types in the resource filter?


      Thanks in advance,