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    Where exactly breaks the variable editor whith message Script line error: call LoadVariableCSV('O:\0.Administration\3.Include\1.BaseVariable\\ContainerMap.csv','','','','true')

    Paul Kuhlendahl

      Hello community, 



      We are running a server installation with shared drives that we access by QlikView installations on local notebooks.

      We move to deployment framework version 1.7.1 hoping that would solve the problem. But still, when I try to run the Variable Editor and Container Map Editor I am experiencing “WARNING! Variable Editor Could not find Deployment Framework Core  The application will not work” and “Error: Internal fatal error – 130” and the other message bubles


      From thread/118776 (Warning! Variable Editor Could not find Development Framework Core. This application will not work.) I leaned to set the user security settings to alow script and launch from macros.

      From message/994741#994741 (QDF Internal Fatal error(-130) in VariableEditor) I lerned to try to run the framework on a local source document folder structure to avoid authorization issues.


      To me that reveals that my issue is caused by authorization restrictions. But I now need to clearly show what causes the errors.


      A comparison of the Deployment Framework run locally to that on the server shows that the local installation can handle the double bachslash in “call LoadVariableCSV('C:\Users\......\0.Administration\3.Include\1.BaseVariable\\ContainerMap.csv','','','','true')”.
      (line 25 of tab “Deployment Framework”)

      Whereas the server version fails at that line.

      8/4/2017 3:18:23 PM: 0026 call LoadVariableCSV('O:\0.Administration\3.Include\1.BaseVariable\\ContainerMap.csv','','','','true')

      8/4/2017 3:18:23 PM: Error: Script line error:

      8/4/2017 3:18:23 PM: General Script Error

      8/4/2017 3:18:23 PM: Execution Failed

      8/4/2017 3:18:23 PM: Execution finished.


      And breaks with the error messages shown above.


      My question now is: Where exactly is the command that breaks the processing? Debugging stops before entering the sub “LoadVariableCSV” with  this Script line error:


      call LoadVariableCSV('O:\0.Administration\3.Include\1.BaseVariable\\ContainerMap.csv','','','','true')

      Attached you find my message text with screenshots of the Errors.


      Any hint is welcome.

      Many thanks in advance.