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    Count function with two conditions QlikSense

    ila ds


      I have a question about the set analysis below:

      I have to calculate the number of Number field which met two conditions:

      - Data avvio UAT pianificata must be between the Start and End of the Month and

      - Data avvio UAT effettiva must be greater than Data Avvio UAT pianificata.


      count({<[Data avvio UAT pianificata]= {'>=$(=AddMonths( MonthStart (Today()),-2))<=$(=AddMonths( MonthEnd (Today()),-2))'},

      [Data avvio UAT effettiva]={'>$([Data avvio UAT pianificata])'}>}Number)


      But it seems to count the number of Number field only taking into account the first condition.


      Which is the error?


      Thanks a lot for your help,