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    Store command only working intermittently

    Kent Shook

      Hi all,


      I have an app that runs every 5 minutes that is quite simple - All it does is read the contents of a CSV on the web and drop it to a pipe-delimited text file. There's a (non-Qlik) app on a different box on our network that picks up that file two minutes later and processes it into a data warehouse which then goes back to Qlik.


      For some reason, the Store command only works intermittently. It doesn't error out, and it shows up as I would expect in the logs, but it simply doesn't write a file. I know it's getting new data since I can see it if I open the app.


      What would cause Qlik to not write a file on a Store command?


      FWIW, this app takes about 35 seconds to run start to finish.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.