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    QRS API - Systemrule Security Audit

    Maxime Auvray

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a problem with 2 subsidiary ones : I need to export the list of all system rules in Qlik Sense for each object (for now, I'm just testing it for 1 resource type).


      - The first try was to export the audit files /qrs/systemrule/security/audit/export . But there are some issues : it takes too much time to generate them, create temporary files when you create the connection, when you validate it, and when you select it the retrieve the information you need.
      Ex: for a small testing server ( 2 users + 10 Qlik Internal Users, and a dozens of applications), it takes 45 seconds to generate the files, and in Qlik Sense, I get a list of paths leading to them.

      So on a big server it's no use using this method. It is time consuming and the performance is an issue.


      - The second try was to use /qrs/systemrule/security/audit for each resource type. The request did worked in Postman, but doesn't work at all on the REST Connector from Qlik Sense.


      If you have any ideas to solve the problem, I'd be glad to try them out !


      PS :

      - Here are some printscreen and information.

      - The certificate I use is the one generated by Qlik Sense I exported. I use it with a password protection.

      - All the other functions from the API I used works. I managed to retrieve Apps, Streams, etc.