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    Expression help

    Sara Titmuss



      I have a bit of a silly question but can't seem to get it working:


      I have the following expression I want to use as a text object:


      =sum({<FINMONTH = {'>$(=max(FINMONTH)-max(FINMONTH)) <= $(=max(FINMONTH))'}, FINYEAR = {'$(=MAX(FINYEAR))'}>}SALES)+sum({<FINMONTH = {'>$(=max(FINMONTH)-max(FINMONTH)) <= $(=max(FINMONTH))'}, FINYEAR = {'$(=MAX(FINYEAR))'}>}ENDOEXTRA)



      I know to make it show in monetary value I need to add ,'£#,##0'' to the expression.  However, when adding it to the end it's not working:


      =sum(({<FINMONTH = {'>$(=max(FINMONTH)-max(FINMONTH)) <= $(=max(FINMONTH))'}, FINYEAR = {'$(=MAX(FINYEAR))'}>}SALES)+sum({<FINMONTH = {'>$(=max(FINMONTH)-max(FINMONTH)) <= $(=max(FINMONTH))'}, FINYEAR = {'$(=MAX(FINYEAR))'}>}ENDOEXTRA) ,'£#,##0'')



      Any advice?