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    On demand app Qliksense

    Anil danda

      Hello Qlik Developers

      I am working on demand app in qlik sense 3.2. I have created 2 apps one is sales and the other is orders. In sales app i have loaded 5 qvds in which 4 are dimensional tables and 1 is fact table and created the front end. In the orders app i have wrote the script which is related to ods user and also all the dimensional qvds.. I have created the app navigation link between sales app and orders app. When i make selections in the sales app and generate a new app through the nagivation link a new app is opening that is called orders but i am not seeing any selections what i have made in the sales app. The data in the orders should reflect based on the selections in the sales app. Can someone help me please. I am new to qlik sense. Does anyone have sample app?