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    Calculated Dimension / Show Condition - Performance?

    Josh Fortner

      Hello All.


      If I have a calculated Dimension who's purpose is to filter a table, and I use an IF statement like the one below, can it have a negative impact on performance? I know in general it's better to use Set Analysis, but I haven't found a way to filter a table dimension using Set Analysis.



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          Carlos Monroy

          Hi Josh,


          In some cases, calculated dimensions may affect your app performance. I think it depends on the data volume and also the complexity of the data model.


          You can use the condition in the set analysis.



          Dimension: FIELD1

          Expression: sum(Sales)

          Expression using set analysis: sum({<FIELD1={'VALUE'}>}Sales)


          That will show only sales for the specific value defined in the set analysis.



          Carlos M