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    Merge Results of Dimensions in If Statement

    Milly Ogina

      I would like to show the whole FY17TD(should include Jul2017)

      But would also like to show Current Month JUL2017.


      My script excluded July ,

      How can I have it add JULY TO FY17TD?



      match([LATEST_START_DATE.Calendar.YearMonth],'2016/Oct', '2016/Nov','2016/Dec','2017/Jan', '2017/Feb', '2017/Mar', '2017/Apr', '2017/May', '2017/Jun', '2017/Jul', '2017/Aug', '2017/Sep')



      [LATEST_START_DATE.Calendar.YearMonth] = '2017/Jul', 'Month', 'FY17TD'




      I am presenting 20 DIFFERENT KPIs on my PIVOT Table and I need the two Categories!