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    NPrinting filter cancels out all other filters

    Henry Sumner



      I'm having an issue with NPrinting wherein a filter is causing all possible values to be printed, rather than the values specified. 


      The report I'm trying to create cycles by Sales Branch, and on each branch it brings back all transactions that were priced below a certain margin.  One of the tables has a filter that's causing the problem.  The filter basically says "Damaged stock flag is equal to No", and turning this filter on results in displaying every single transaction for every branch in the country, despite the fact that it is set to cycle through each branch individually.

      I've tried switching the filter to "Damaged stock is not Yes", but the same issue occurs.  I've also made sure that the filter is not being duplicated in the report or the task.  The filter is only being applied on the table used in the report editor.


      Any help would be much appreciated.