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    Qlikview Nprinting 17.3.1: Users are not getting updated through Import task

    Nikhil Terwadkar

      Hi Guys,


      I am using the import task in Nprinitng 17.3.1 to import the user details. I have 8 groups.Each user is may or may not be the part of more than one group.


      The problem is, suppose Today Nikhil is a part of Group 7A. So he will receive the mail for 7A. Tomorrow he is not part of group 7A so he should not receive he mail. I updated the group information in the import excel. But even if i ran the import task, Nikhil remains the part of Group 7A and receives the mail for the same.


      In short, existing users and groups are not getting updated. I checked the checkbox for 'Update users if modified' for the Import task.


      Please respond ASAP.