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    Hierarchy quotas targets different by level

    Dennis Thomsen
      directormanagersales repquotarevenue


      Hey everyone


      I have a situation where, I want to use a hierarchy like the one above in Qlik Sense.
      My challenge is, that in my calculations, revenue functions fine, because I can sum it by for example Hans, if I select him in a drill down list box. But the Quota for Hans is not the sum of the quota column, the quota column is linked to the sales rep.


      So basically I have a drill down Director -> Manager -> Sales Rep

      But I need different quota numbers different on which place in the hierarchy i am currently looking.


      One solution is to create a dummy in the data, to compensate for the different in quota. So Hans -> Dummy -> Dummy - quota 140

      Another solution, is to program Qlik, so that the quota selected in all calculations, depends on current selections in field.

      That seems very extensive though, anyone has any better solutions?


      Best regards