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    venkey kumar

      Hi all,


      I have one table in sql server  with 3000 records.

      I have applied filters and group by on that table and I got 2000 records.


      Now I am doing same in Qlikview,  it will give 3000 records but when I applying filters and group by it is giving less than 2000 records.



      I have aggregation functions are COUNT and SUM.


      Could you please help me on this issue.






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          Vineeth Pujari

          just by looking at your query we understand the problem but your description does not provide any information on  HOW EXACTLY you are applying the filters in Sql server or Qlikview!


          You haven't posted your sql query neither your qlikview load statement; and people can't really help you find a problem they can't see!


          How to get answers to your post?



          You can use your SQL select statement in conjunction with the load statement as below, so no need to recreate your sql query in qlikview




          Load *

          SQL SELECT field1,field2,field3

          FROM  <<>>   WHERE  <<>>;