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    SET Analysis Question

    John Schmidt



      i have a question referring to SET ANALYSIS.

      I have a bar chart with a dimension for calendar weeks on the x-axis.

      As a KPI on the y-axis i would like to show a sum of items per calendar week.

      An item has furthermore a property called 'informed', which is also a calendar week.

      Now, i would like to count only those items, where the calendar week 'informed' matches the week on the x-axis.


      I tried the following but its not working.






                  property_1                   = {1},           

                  property_2                  -= {19,9,25},

                  property_informed       = [calendar_week]



           distinct item_id



      Cal somebody give me some advice?

      Basically i would like to compare datafields with datafields in SET analysis.