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    Users/Groups are not getting updated through Import task In NPrinting 17.3.1.

    Madhusmita Patnaik

      If I am subscribed to reports A, B & C and I do not have any events for C today, I will be part of only A & B groups and will not be part of C group as expected.  In the Import excel I am part of A & B. But when I import this excel to NPrinting, my name is not removed from group C. As a result, I am still getting the mail from C as I was part of group C previously. In short we can say that, Users/Groups are not getting updated through the NPrinting Import Task.

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          Lech Miszkiewicz



          NPrinting is working as designed. I guess you would have to clear all users in first place and then re-import all of them again.


          have a look at help deocument:



          it says:

          Roles: list of roles for a user, separated by commas.

          When importing users with groups or roles:

          • if groups or roles added in the row for a user do not exist, they will be automatically created.
          • existing associations with groups and roles will not be removed if not present in the update row. An import can only add associations with roles and groups for a user, but not remove them.





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