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    Dimension Display in Bar Chart - Qlik Sense

    Natalie Rocha


      I created this bar chart in an earlier version of Qlik.  It displays the current YTD and previous YTD visit count when the app opens.  You can select a different year to date period and the chart will automatically display the year selected and the previous year (always two years).  The image attached called "before change" shows this bar chart with a previous year selected.  We recently upgraded our server and to the newest version of qlik sense enterprise.  Now if i make any change to this chart, even simply moving the legend to the top, when I select a period, the previous period does not display in the legend and the bars are grey instead of a color on the chart(see the after change picture attached).  I also lose the label in the legend. This can be confusing to my users since there is no label in the legend for the previous period.  Any advice on how to get the chart to act like it did before, where I could select one period and the previous period displayed in the legend and with color?