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    Disable editing of published apps

    Sarah Lamb

      Hi all,


      Does anyone know how to disable the ability to edit published sheets within apps?  Previously when I selected the Edit button at the top right corner for a published sheet it said I had to create a duplicate to be able to edit.  However now when I click Edit then it straight away lets me edit published sheets.

      I believe only those with Root Admin are able to edit a published sheet but I'd like to remove that so that no one is able to edit a published sheet.

      One other side effect is that I can now see all unpublished apps (regardless of Owner) within my personal work space on the hub.

      I think this might be due to a security rule that may have been changed within the Qlik Management Console but I don't know where to begin.

      Can anyone tell me how I can reverse this change please?

      Any and all responses much appreciated, thank you.

        • Re: Disable editing of published apps
          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Disable the CreateAppObjectsPublishedApp security rule in the QMC. That will also disable the ability of users to add bookmarks. So you may want to create a new rule that does allow users to do some things like making bookmarks.


          I don't know what you did to get all the unpublished apps to show up in your personal workspace.