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    Exclude Values in Set Analysis

    Cassandra Baqir

      I am trying to get a count of DEFECT_ID created within the last 6 months (based on the earliest date in New status) where PRIMARY_DECISION_BODY is NOT SMG Committee.


      In my example of a specific ticket, PRIMARY_DECISION_BODY is null.


      This works:


      Count({$<DEFECT_STATUS_START_DATE={">=$(=Date(addmonths(monthend(today()),-6),'MM/DD/YYYY'))<=$(=Date(addmonths(monthend(today()),0),'MM/DD/YYYY'))"}, DEFECT_STATUS={'New'}}>} distinct DEFECT_ID)


      But this does not:


      Count({$<DEFECT_STATUS_START_DATE={">=$(=Date(addmonths(monthend(today()),-6),'MM/DD/YYYY'))<=$(=Date(addmonths(monthend(today()),0),'MM/DD/YYYY'))"}, DEFECT_STATUS={'New'},PRIMARY_DECISION_BODY-={'SMG Committee'}>} distinct DEFECT_ID)

      Any idea why?