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    Filtering a Detail Report

    David Forest

      I have a report with a detail band based on the month that contains the last 12 months of data.

      A graph outside the band correctly shows the trend of data.

      I would like to filter the detail band so that it shows only the last month's detail.

      I have a field MontYearNumeric which represents the numeric value of the first day of the month (Have all kinds of issues with Sense appropriately determining a date vs string - the dual mess never works, anyway..)

      I created a calculated field IsLastMonth = MonthYearNumeric = Max(MonthYearNumeric) within the context of the band.

      If i add both fields to  the report, I correctly see the value and the last value has Yes for IsLastMonth.

      When I add this add a Filter String to the Detail Report (IsLastMonth = Yes), when I preview the report an error is displayed:

      The preview request failed with the message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

      The only way the filter "works" is if I hard code the number, e.g. MonthYearNumeric = 42917.

      Any ideas?

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          Aran Nathanson

          something like :



          should work - make the filter based on a formula not a value

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              David Forest

              I am referring to the filter in the NPrinting Designer not the Filters set the in Web Portal and I don't want the entire report to filter just the detail section.

              This filter is accessed in Data Section of the properties window.


              On a related note, using the Web Portal Filters never works with the  "Evaluate value", it always generates an error:

              The preview request failed with the message: Wrong content node response type.


              NPriting Version June 2017

              Qlik Sense Version 3.2 SR3


              Is this something that just doesn't work with Qlik Sense?

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                  Lech Miszkiewicz


                  I you are trying to apply filter on Level using QlikSense connection - this will not work as this functionality is not supported in June version and will be in September version:Download the Technical Preview


                  Object filters for Qlik Sense charts Jira issue ID: OP-5385 You can add object level filters also to Qlik Sense charts. Previous you could only add filters to QlikView charts. You can still add only one filter for each chart.

                  As a temporary workaround i would create another object in qliksense application which would contain your filter in set analysis expression. Then i would use this object in a band report. In other words i would try to create as much logic as possible in Qlik App and only apply necessary filters on task or report when usin qliksense.





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                      David Forest

                      So as I feared, I will have to create unique variables to "filter" the values.

                      It would be EXTREMELY helpful if Qlik labeled the features, explicitly and clearly, that won't work with QlikSense, which at this point seems more don't than do.

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                          Lech Miszkiewicz

                          Mate - first page of help document:



                          Product CapabilityQlik NPrinting16Qlik NPrinting 17 and newer


                          Verbose logs


                          Microsoft Office reporting


                          Pixel perfect and web reportingYesYes
                          Centralized distributionYesYes
                          On-demand reportingYesYes
                          APIs Yes
                          Web based architecture Yes
                          Online subscription hub Yes
                          Multi-document reportsYesYes
                          Enterprise scalability Yes
                          Roles based security Yes
                          Section access Yes
                          Reports with read and write passwordYes
                          Pretty good privacy (PGP) encryptionYes
                          Send to printerYes
                          Print as PDFYes
                          Multi-developer environment Yes
                          Recipient imports from ExcelYesYes
                          Recipient import wizardYes
                          Conditional reportingYesYes
                          Dynamic Report NamingYesYes
                          FTP SupportYes
                          Cycling reports (creates files for every value of dimensions)Yes
                          HTML embedded reportsYes
                          Clone reportsYes
                          Variables in email messagesYesYes
                          Cycled pages in multiple slidesYesYes
                          Variable filterYes
                          Bookmark filterYes
                          Object filtersYesOnly with QlikViewobjects
                          Group filtersYes
                          Page and level filtersYes
                          Clear all selectionsYes
                          Select excludedYes
                          Linked fieldsYes
                          Load templateYes


                          Test taskYes


                          Task failure notificationsYes