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    Problem extracting Jira issue links via Rest Connector

    Juraj Misina

      Hello everyone,


      I am loading data from Jira to Qlik Sense via Rest Connector. Basically, I use only one request, where I pull a specific jql search. It works like a charm for most of the extracted fields, but not for "issue links" field. Jira API returns issue links as a nested object in the response. This object is parsed correctly only if the response contains just a few issues (up to 13, not all of them have issue links). Once the response contains higher number of issues, issue links are not parsed by the connector and I only get a "@values" field, which is empty. I need to load thousands of issues.


      Does anybody have any idea what could be a root cause for this and how could I load issue links for all relevant issues? Thank you!


      When I load only a few issues:



      When I load more issues: