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    Help with Qlik Sense formula - count if

    Rebecca Parkinson



      I have a data set showing courses, passed and failed, and I want to show in a table who has passed zero courses.  An example of the data:


      Region, Name, Course, Status

      EMEA, John, A, Passed

      EMEA, Natalie, A, Failed

      EMEA, John, B, Passed

      AMER, Frank, C, Passed

      EMEA, Natalie, B, Failed

      EMEA, John, C, Passed

      AMER, Frank, C, Failed

      I currently have the following formula which is not working (to show the number of courses passed or '0' if there are only failed courses):


      Count (distinct if (([Course Completion Status] = 'Passed') >= 1, [Course Name], '0'))


      Could somebody please help me with  this? I'm sure it's quite simple but I'm very new to Qlik Sense!