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    Implementing Data reduction in Qlik Sense

    daniel melo

      I am new on qlik sense and I am trying to implement data reduction with qlik sense, but I have some questions about how to implement and test it:


      I load my csv file that look like this:


      2015AMERICANorth AmericaAlabama2.000
      2015AMERICASouth AmericaBrazil8.000
      2016AMERICANorth AmericaAlabama3.000
      2016AMERICASouth AmericaBrazil9.000


      And what I want to do is do the data reduction according to the "Market Column". So only peope of Alabama can see 2.000 and 3.000 and so on.

      In my script I have this code:


      Section Access;

      Load * Inline [








      Section Application;

      Load * Inline [

      Market, MARKET

          Brazil, BRAZIL

          Florida, FLORIDA



      It doesn't seem to be working. I am using qlik sense cloud business and one of my questions is, how can I test if its working or not?  In the section access, which users should I load? The userid of users that I am going to share the application?