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    Map feature question

    Lawrence Tzigersizoglou



      After some time of trouble i have managed to load a KML file because i have seen that my map when i used the auto feature from Qliksense was missing several countries.

      Now, i have another issue. My country names are in french and my KML file has the ISO2 code.

      In order to link this i have come to the conclusion that i need to use almost 200 if statements to modify the french country names to the ISO2 code during  the script load.

      I mean statements like this: if([COUNTRYREGIONID]= 'France', 'FR', [COUNTRYREGIONID] ) as [COUNTRYREGIONID],


      This means that it is a crazy work to do and also that my script load will be too long.

      Is there any other fastest way to perform this?


      Best regards,