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    Security rule to access "Reload now" and "Create new reload task" in QMC

    Thierry Diaz



      I'm currently creating a security rule to enable a "StreamAdmin" role with limited access in QMC, I'm all done except for access to above mentioned feature, which are grayed out




      Can someone help?


      Here's my rule: (note: I'm using @Stream_User custom property to manage user access to streams)


      Resource Filter: Stream_*, App*, App.Object*,User*, ReloadTask_*,CustomProperty*


      Action: Create , Read, Update, Delete, Export, Publish, Change Owner


      Conditions: ((user.roles="StreamAdmin") and (resource.stream.@Stream_User=user.@Stream_User or resource.owner.@Stream_User=user.@Stream_User or resource.app.stream.@Stream_User=user.@Stream_User or resource.@Stream_User=user.@Stream_User or resource.objectType="app_appscript"))


      Thanks in advance,