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    How to list variables (name and content) in all applications?

    Riccardo Zenere

      Hi everyone,


      is there a way to list the variables (name and content) in all applications in an "easy" way (not opening one by one every single app)?

      I've seen article 000037672 - Quotes in Set Analysis change in behavior on the Support, and I need to be sure that nothing gets broken when upgrading Production environment to QS June 2017.


      Long story short on said article: in QS June 2017 (and in future QV 12.20) quotes interpretation has been fixed (basically double quotes will work only for searches, single quotes with a list of values...).

      I hope that our developers have used Set Analysis as supposed, but I would prefer to be sure about it before upgrading.


      I've seen that on QS's postgres DB there is a table AppObjects, where we can find also some objectType 'GenericVariableEntry'. I think this can't be used, as the value inside is hashed.


      Do you have any hints about how to do this?

      Extensions or anyother thing is welcome.


      Many thanks,