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    Mysteriously disappearing data

    Lauri Scharf

      My app in Sense Enterprise 3.2 starts out well, after the data load, and shows 37,143 patients in a KPI. I'll work in the app and edit it, and all is well. I'll come back to it after an absence (and I likely have to log back into Sense), and the patient count will be down to 29,851. No filters are applied. I can work in it and everything appears to work normally, but the patient count stays at 29,851.


      To add to the mystery, when I look at the data model viewer after this has happened, it shows the field in question as having a "Total distinct values" count of 37,143! So the underlying dataset appears to be intact. But the app's web page does not reflect it.


      I'll add that the app loads data into 21 tables. The patient ID is a key field.


      This problem has occurred a number of times now this week, always with the same change to 29,851.


      Thanks for any insights.