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    Reading Excel from Sharepoint Issue

    Tom Neal

      Hi Everyone,


      I am loading 2 excels into my qlikview app located on sharepoint.  The problem I am having is Qlikview appears to read them differently even though they are the same format/layout in excel.  Both are saved as Excel 97-2003 Workbook.


      Below is a screenshot of the two excel files and the worksheets I'm loading into Qlikview.   The first excel on the left I'll refer to as excel 3, the one on the right I'll call excel 5.


      When I load these into qlikview, I go to the script > Data > Web Files.  I paste the sharepoint location into the Internet File address bar and hit next.  This is where the problem lies.


      Excel 3                                                                                Excel 5

      You can see that the headers (Product / ID) for Excel 3 already appear at the top without changing the header lines even though in the excel they are on row 3.


      Excel 5 is loaded how I would expect.  The headers and on row 3 in Qlikview like they are on row 3 in Excel.  For this to move the headers to row 1 I would change header size to "Lines" and enter 2 into the box next to it.


      My question is why is Excel 3 being loaded differently than Excel 5 when both appear to be exactly the same.