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    Counting within a field

    Kelaine Ravdin

      I have a data set of trees. Each tree has a species (one of 500) and a condition (one of 7: good, poor, dead, etc.). I'm trying to make a stacked bar chart that shows, for each species, the proportion of trees with each of the conditions. For example,


      tree 1: maple good

      tree 2: maple poor

      tree 3: maple good

      tree 4: oak good

      tree 4: oak poor


      If I do something like: Count(Condition), I just get:


      maple 3

      oak 2


      That is, it counts the number of trees of each species that have any value for condition (which is all of them). How can I show the results:



         good 2

         poor 1


         good 1

         poor 1


      I'm really new to this, so grateful for any help.