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    Qlikview QMS API - ServerObject share/copy - Is possible?

    cristian dorbesi

      Hi everyone,


      We would like to use the QMS API to share a given server object (more specifically bookmarks) created by an user with another set of users. I know we can make this through the document repository in the access point, but we don't allow this, and even if we would, it is not something easy to do for an end user.


      I think I've read the entire API and I didn't found any way to achieve this. It seems the only possible action through the API is to delete server objects, but not share them or copy them.


      Does any know if I'm wrong? if so, how can we achieve this?

      The API description for serverObject class stays "Represents a server object which can be shared with other users.", that's great, but how?



      The QMS methods don't seem to show any method to save or copy:



      Best regards,