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    Index table in Qlik Sense

    ramya sai

      Hi Qlik Experts,

      I have a requirement for an index chart and was wondering if this chart format is possible in Qlik Sense or QlikView , mainly Qlik Sense

      The total average in the attached screen shot is the sum of all the three indexes (MXT+RXT+TXT).

      just for your information and clarity, The quarter value is the last month of the quarter i.e for Q1-March,Q2-June, Q3-Sep, Q4-Dec and  for current quarter it should be current month (August)

      Total Average:

      Q1= 2017Q1 (MXT+RXT+TXT)

      Q2=2017 Q2 (MXT+RXT+TXT)

      Thank you and appreciate your time and effort.



      Message was edited by: Ramya Sai Hi Kaushik, Thank you very much for the earlier response, that was working but the requirement changed. I was wondering if you get chance please can you let me know if the attached format  as- is possible in qlik sense/QlikView. I tried loading the excel data but the quarter values are not showing correctly.