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    Can't add members to Qlik Sense Cloud

    Nicolai Lund

      I subscribed for the free Qlik Sense Cloud Business edition. But after a short while I understood that I cannot add members to my cloud, as the free 14-days trial only allows for 1 user.


      So I went in to subscription to cancel my Business Free Trial subscription immediately, which is now done and confirmed. But the trial keeps running the entire 14-day period and there still now allowing me to add users to my workspace.


      This must be a bug - otherwise I'm doing something wrong in the system.


      Best regards,


        • Re: Can't add members to Qlik Sense Cloud
          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Nicolai - thanks for your question - you cannot add users if you only purchased 1 seat, you would have needed to purchase more than 1 when you initially signed-up. Not that you have cancelled, you are correct - we do continue to run the 14 day trial - but you will not be charged, however - you only purchased the 1 seat originally so therefore you cannot add anymore users


          Let me know if you need more information.


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