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    How to use this expression containing variable in Qlik Sense frontend?

    Nick Jose

      kush141087 serj_shu




      Problem 1: I am trying to use the below expression in QlikSense Table but its giving a '-'. However the expressions when used individually are working fine in the previous columns of the same table.


      Sum({1<Category={'$(Variable1)'},[Flag]={'1'}>}Quantity) /



      I need to find the ratio between the two expressions by dividing first with the other.


      The variable is used to take the category associated with a selected field.


      Problem 2: I have calculated the ranks of a field using this expression in a table:

      (Sum({<[Field_Type]={"=Rank(Sum(Quantity)) <=5"},[Flag]={'1'}>}Quantity))


      This gives the rank wise Field types. Now this quantity exists in three different tiers viz. Tier I, Tier II & Tier III.

      Now along with the rank I need to show its breakup in different tiers.


      a. I am not able to find the right expression that will work in the same table along side the main expression where Ranking is calculated.

      b. The ranking also doesn't stop at 5 despite using <=5 in the expression, it is rather showing all the ranks. ( Need just Top 5).


      A quick help would be highly appreciated.