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    Column totals in PivotTable

    Court van de Lisdonk



      I have a Qlikview Document with a Pivot table (see attached QVD)

      I have two tables loaded in my script: a Sales Table and a Deviation table

      In my pivot table I have to dimensions a timegroup and the deviationdescription


      The time group allows to choose between month, week and date

      The deviationdescription has two columns/expressions per deviation

      The two expressions are Sum(LineAmount)  and      Sum(LineAmount)/Sum(TotalAmount)


      Now I need to add a column for the TotalAmount. This column should come between the column with the timegroup and the columns deviationdescription.


      I tried to add a calculated dimension TotalAmount, between the two dimensions timegroup and the deviationdescription, but that didn’t work because I didn’t get the right format or when I added a format like = Num(Sum((TotalLineAmount),' ##0,00'))

      I got a failure in my calculated dimension. See sheet two the Copy.


      When I add a new expression for the total amount, this gives a new column per deviation and that is not what I want.


      The Total Options in the presentation tab are not what I want because the have only totals on top or bottom and not left or right.



      Hope Someone can help me,


      Thanks in advance