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    Custom UserDirectoryConnector QlikSense

    Fabian Lepie



      i want to create a custom User Directory Connector to query my Database and add some Attributes to my users and send them to the QMC. I found this API in QlikSense Help:

      Qlik Sense User Directory Connector API ‒ Qlik Sense

      i write a simple .exe which contains a class which implements the IUserDirectoryConnector. When i start the .exe with cmd i can connect to my database and return a List of Users when i call

      "   public IList<UdcEntity> SyncUsers(params string[] usersToFilterOn)".

      But know i dont know how to configure my Custom User Directory Connector in QMC. How does this work? Or did i have to connect to Qlik Repository directly with Qlik Sense Repostory API?


      Did anybody know how to configure my custom Connector or have additional informations for a Custom User Directory Connector in Qlik Sense?


      Thanks and best Regards