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    NP 17 June release - html embeded in or not?

    Fion Xiong



      When we contacted Qlikview in May about NP 17 June release, we got this "2. Embedded HTML reports - likely to be in June 2017 release. ", but I did not see it in Email Message, the only variable we can add are those related to Users.


      If somebody can confirm when this feature will be in new release and if there is any workaround can be achieve this now? Our embedded html reports are very important with some user level complex, dynamic calculation and KPI charts.


      Thanks a lot.

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          Fion Xiong

          More questions. I tried current NP 17.4 version to build html report with some variables/image/tables. They work fine when Preview, but not working when I ran publish task and put html report as a zip attachment.


          For example when Preview I got:

          But when publish to a user (I use Admin to test, I got:

          I might do something wrong? Everything is fine when Preview for all images, variables and charts, formulas. However in email attachment .zip file, nothing worked. I could tell it's too fast to run the task, really sounds like not connect properly.


          Any ideas about this? Thank you very much.

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            Lech Miszkiewicz



            embeded HTML reports are not in June 2017 nor they will be available in September. This feature is planned to be released in November 2017 - so you have to wait still 3 months at least.


            regarding your second question there is many things we need to discus again beeing:

            • %%Reporting Year%% - is this a Qlik variable?
            • How is it calculated?
            • Is it script or UI variable
            • is it static or formula
              • if it is a formula; does expression start with "=" sign so it gets calculated every time something changes (selection happens/ filter happens) in data model

            as a test you can put this variable in Qlik Text object and use an image in nprinting to see whether its value is calculated at all in your report.


            In html reports i prefered to use FORMULAS from NPrinting designer to achieve the same rather than Qlik variables,.




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              Fion Xiong

              Hi Lech,


              Thanks for your confirmation.


              I figured out the second question under your advice. %%Reporting Year%% is formula, and I wrote wrong expression.