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    Help Needed! - Basic Set Analysis - QTD Master item for current quarter with variables

    loganayaki ramachandran

      Hello Friends,


      Need some help with Set Analysis!!

      I am trying to compute the QTD Value for a measure. I have created it as a Master item. I need it to compute for the current quarter. I have variables defined which give the current quarter. I have referenced these variables in the Master item. But for some reason if I pull the Master item in a table it displays only 0.

      This is the formula in my Master item


      Sum({$<Year=, Quarter=, Month=, [Cal Quarter Number]={$(vCurrentQtr)}, [Cal Month Number]={"<=$(vCurrentPeriod)"}>} [Reported Sales])/1000


      This is the table without the measure which shows the right values

      8-14-2017 5-15-37 PM.jpg


      This is the table with the measure which shows the 0 values

      8-14-2017 5-17-51 PM.jpg