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    Shared-path variables do not update after reload

    Rumen Vasilev

      Hello guys,


      I have updated to QDF 1.7.0 for 2 days and I found the following problem in that version. I have reloaded a QV application once via publisher and once via desktop client and I have got the problem that the Shared-path variables did not updated. Please see the attached screenshot. Could somebody of you observes the same problem?2017-08-15 11_15_51-Variable Overview.png





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          Magnus Berg

          Hi Rumen, this could possible be a problem with the global variable cache  introduced in 1.7. Add these lines in the top of the script to clear out the cache:

          set vG.BasePath=;
          set vG.SharedBasePath=;

          From the reference guide:

          Clear Initiation Cache

          To speed up initiation, a variable cache function has been introduced (v1.7 and later). The cache will validate the Home and shared container root path, if path is the same as last initiation then old global variables will be used. When the cache is used, these lines appear in log and output window.
          '### QDF Info, Global Variables using cache'
          '### QDF Info, Shared Global Variables using cache'

          To override the cache function, add these lines before the initiation script.

          set vG.BasePath=;
          set vG.SharedBasePath=;

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            Magnus Berg

            Hi again vasilev, I added the attached 'fix' to your problem, replace the 1.Init.qvs in your containers. This will clean the shared variable cache in a better way, will introduce this fix in the framework as well.

            Best regards


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              Andy Ritting

              I too discovered this issue after upgrading from QDF 1.5.1 to 1.7


              I would not have noticed it except I attempted to use the IndexAdd function and I received an unknown error attempting to access the sharedfolder on the server instead of my local path (Q:\).

              The error I got from indexAdd was:

              Unknown Error

              store * from [___vL.tmpTable] into '\\DWQLIKDEV\qv-docs\SourceDocs\10.DWQLIKDEV\99.shared_folders\5.Config\Index\SalesThruMargin_2.QVD_BusinessUnit.qvd.Index' (txt,delimiter is ';' )